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Unique accommodation in Norway

Unique accommodation in Northern Norway, and experiences like Northern Lights, dog sledding, Sami experiences, and snow. Luxury accommodation in Bodø and Salten.

The superlatives about Jakobsbakken and the mountains of Sulis are many. At Jakobsbakken you´ll find amazing scenery, historical whispers, majestic mountains and much more. During our first months as a travel destination, we have been very privileged and had lots of awesome guests visiting us. From one of the best cross-country skiing athletes of all times to local 8th-grade students.

Unique accommodation in Norway

No matter who’s visiting us, our mission is to give you an experience that you´ll remember. An experience that you tell your friends about and where you really recommend they to visit Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort. Here we want to show you the most beautiful we know, the nature in the mountains of Sulitjelma, and everything it has to offer. We want to give you close and near hospitality, lovely food from the area around Jakobsbakken and an overnight stay that cannot compare to anything in Northern Norway.

Now we´re going to share stories from three of our guests and what they told their friends after they visited us:

Bjørn Dæhlie

Bjørn Dæhlie is a well-traveled man. As one of the best winter Olympics of all time and one of history’s greatest Norwegian athletes, he has traveled around visiting many cities and countries during his career. He also participated in the TV success “Gutta på tur”, together with Arne Brimi, Vegard Ulvang, and Arne Hjeltnes. Through more than 40 episodes, they traveled on tours that stretched from Alaska’s wilderness to various winter sports resorts in Europe and beyond to the Middle East, East Asia, and Africa.

After Bjørn Dæhlie visited Jakobsbakken, he came up with the following descriptions to Avisa Nordland’s journalist in a TV interview:

«I’m very impressed! The surroundings I woke up to this morning was just a dream. It´s just amazing to be here!»

“I had to pinch my arm, this was the best skiing race I’ve ever seen! With these surroundings, it was just absolutely amazing! This is like when Samaranch said in the ceremony during the Lillehammer Olympics in 1994, “the best Olympic Games ever!” And this must be the best cross country skiing race ever! With these surroundings and these trails, amazing!»

“Going here hunting and fishing has to be absolutely amazing!»

When such a well-traveled man as Bjørn Dæhlie says words like this, with enthusiasm, it makes us incredibly humble. We mean, of course, ourselves, as almost everyone who tries to build a travel destination, that our place is the most beautiful in the world – but when a person who has been around the world says that he has to pinch himself in the arm because of the surroundings, then it gives us lots of energy and motivation to keep going and to get people to visit us. So that they can get the same feeling that Bjørn Dæhlie got. A unique accommodation in Norway.

Erlend Osnes

Erlend Osnes is one of Norway’s best comedians and has since 2015 traveled around and sold out cultural houses throughout Norway with his shows. He has been pretty much in the whole country and when he is in new places he often uses to explore the city and put videos on his Instagram account. He had one (!) weekend this winter, where he did not have a show. Then he chose to bring the family up to Jakobsbakken to be together and have quality time, in addition to disconnecting from the hectic everyday life. After he was here he said the following on his podcast, “Heimelaga”, which has dozens of thousands of listeners each week:

“We stayed at something called Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort and this is not advertising, we rented there. They haven’t said I should say anything, but I´ll say it – because it was absolutely amazing!”

And then he follows up with:

«It had everything! Absolutely everything was complete. Absolutely amazing! Even some coffee so you could grab coffee. Here is a little salt, here is a little tea, here is sugar. Here are all the little things that you do not think about when you are going shopping to a long weekend in the mountains. It was amazing! Sauna, fitness room and the kids enjoyed themselves. It was really awesome! A wonderful nice weekend! I’m glad we took one weekend off to not only be at home in the city center, but to go out to ski»

In addition to the awesome description that Erlend Osnes has given here, he posted something on his Instagram account, which we thought was so nice. He stood outside the Resort and told the camera;

“Listen! Do you hear that?”

“No, exactly! Its nothing! Here it is quite quiet, not a sound!»

Rohan Patoley – Travel XP

Rohan Patoley is the TV presenter and director of the world’s leading travel channel, Travel XP. He has traveled all over the world and recorded various TV shows and even had a very popular food program on the channel.

After their visit here, he chose to send this feedback to us, which we could use in our marketing.

«Are you planning to travel to Norway? Imagine a magical location with the best Norwegian experiences such as dog sledding, northern lights, ice fishing and sauna together with an incredibly delicious five-course meal! You get all this in a place called Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort!»

“Going to this place can exceed your expectations of Norway! We had a wonderful stay at Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort when we went to tick off experiences on our “Bucket list”. This place is not meant for a day. Stay for days and get the best hospitality and experience as well as a mighty history. Highly recommended!»

Rohan is from Mumbai and was one of our first guests from abroad. That foreigners also think it is nice here and want to recommend to their friends, makes us feel confident that we have a product that can give value to those who choose to make their trip to us.

In the end, I will share a quote that I overheard in the hallway at the Resort, when the local 8th grade visited us. A little guy 13 years old, with a light puberty voice coming enthusiastically out in the hallway, where I talk to their teacher, Hilde. He breaks into our conversation and says “Hilde! Hilde! It… It’s luxury here!”

How will your story be after you have visited us?

Photo: Bjørn Ruben Johansen / @Dronebjorn1

Svein Spjelkavik / God Strek AS

Jet Set Go @Youtube – Travel XP

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