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Teambuilding in Bodø and Salten

Teambuilding in Bodø and Salten is the perfect bleisure travel with colleagues. Activities, gourmet food, unique experiences, and luxury accommodation.

Teambuilding in Bodø and Salten at Jakobsbakken

At Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort we are now starting to gain good experience in arranging gatherings for companies. We have the opportunity to facilitate exactly what your company wants, and we involve the event manager in the company to a large extent. It is important for us that we get those who are decision makers to get involved in the planning.

When we get an inquiry from a company, the first thing we do is ask about how many people are going to participate in the gathering. Then we make sure that the event manager in the company get all the answers to the questions that they are wondering about. Then we jointly agree on a scheme that fits the business and that both parties understand exactly how the scheme will be.

Furthermore, in the article, we will present typical questions that companies have asked us, and we’ll answer them as good as possible. 

How do the bedrooms look like?

In «Messa» on Jakobsbakken, we have two apartments that look completely identical. They are 100 sqm each and consist of a kitchen, dining table, three bedrooms, and bathroom. In the basement, there is a sauna, a fitness room, a cloakroom, and a ski room.

We have a bedroom with two single beds, a bedroom with two single beds and a bunk bed and a bedroom with a bunk bed. Together we have room for eight people in each apartment. Two people in one room, four in the second and two in the third. If you want to watch a video of what it looks like, then join Erik on “House Tour” in this video.

House Tour at Messa

How much does it cost?

The apartments cost NOK 6990 each. We do not rent out per room, as we want those who rent the apartment to have it for themselves. The activities must be tailored and the cost of the activities varies according to how many participants it is. 

How to get to Jakobsbakken?

There are flights to Bodø Airport, which is the nearest airport, from airports around the world. For example, you can take a flight from Oslo Airport – Gardermoen directly to Bodø. When your company lands in Bodø, we have the opportunity to pick you up by minibus. You can also rent your own rental cars from the companies at the airport if you wish.

From Bodø to Jakobsbakken, it takes about 1.5 hours to drive. If we pick you up with a minibus, we can guide you through Sulitjelma and tell about the history of the mighty mining community. We can also show you the street art in the old industrial area.

What do we need to bring?

You do not need to bring anything but clothes and toiletries. If you want to prepare the meals yourself, which can be relationship-building and a nice thing to do together, then Coop Prix is 10 minutes drive from Jakobsbakken. If you want us to prepare the food, then this can be arranged in advance. 

Can we have meetings there?

Yes, it is nice to have meetings and courses in Messa at Jakobsbakken. Around the dining table in the kitchen, we have TV, with connectivity for the computer. We have Wifi and flip-over available. We are present and ready with fruit, food and everything else you need to get an optimal collection. Around the dining table, there are 12 seats, and if needed we can put in extra tables in the living room.

What activities can you offer?

We have many good activities and experiences to offer our guests. For businesses we can mention the following activities:

  • Cross-country trails right outside the door
  • Dog sledding – summer and winter
  • 5-match with 71 degrees north and Farmen-inspired exercises
  • Shooting
  • Common trip to Svarthammarhola
  • Common Summit trip
  • Historic walk on Jakobsbakken
  • Snowmobile driving

In the autumn of 2020, our next building, Titanic, with accommodation for 25-30 people is ready. There will be conference rooms, which can take more people than we have the opportunity today in “Messa”. Then we have the opportunity to take medium-sized companies with about 45 people at a gathering on Jakobsbakken.

If you think the corporate gathering at Jakobsbakken sounded exciting, then you can call Erik or Mona. So they help you to adjust in the best possible way so that you get an experience of a lifetime in the Arctic mountains.