Adrian Søbyskogen

Erik was given one task and that was to create Norway's Coolest Christmas Party for the CompEdge gang.

Throughout the last 48 hours, we’ve had 2 exceptional chefs from Salten Salmon in the kitchen from early morning to late evening, flown a helicopter over the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Laponia, went on a boating excursion in Saltstraumen, fed sea eagles, had outstanding wine tastings, drove dog sleds under the Northern Lights and had homemade food from Pitesamene.

The alternative was a traditional Christmas party with dinner at a restaurant followed by a party until late in the night. Instead, we bonded over once in a lifetime activities, creating meaningful memories and stories that will last forever.

Owner and Manager CompEdge, Oslo

Bjørn Dæhlie

I’m very impressed! The surroundings I woke up to this morning was just like a dream. It´s just amazing to be here!

I had to pinch my arm when I went skiing into the mountain world. This was the best cross country skiing race I’ve ever participated in! With these surroundings, it was just absolutely amazing! This is just like when Samaranch said in the ceremony during the Lillehammer Olympics in 1994, “the best Olympic Games ever!” And this has to be the best cross country skiing race ever! With these surroundings and these trails, absolutely amazing!

Going here hunting and fishing has to be an adventure of a lifetime.

Olympic legend and investor, Nannestad

Lily Eve

Lawyer, New Zealand

Rohan Patoley

"I had a wonderful visit to Jakobsbakken as I went to tick off adventures on my "bucket list"..."

Travel Host and Director

Hans C. Holund

"This is a place where I can lower my shoulders and enjoy the surroundings with good friends ..."

World Champion, Norway

Eirik Myhr Nossum

"The athletes have talked very positively about the area, which is why we have put the gathering here ..."

Manager Team Norway, Oslo

Niklas Dyrhaug

"Jakobsbakken is the place to visit if you want to find calm in a hectic everyday life with its magnificent scenery ..."

World Champion, Norway

Erlend Osnes

"Absolutely everything was complete. It was amazing! Sauna, fitness room and the kids enjoyed themselves ..."

Stand-up comedian, Bodø

Ingrid Sommerli

"The surroundings are perfect for getting to know your colleagues - with beautiful hiking trails ..."

Business Advisor, Bodø

Jordan Symonds

"My family wants to come all the way from Maine, USA to do the same trip with Jakobsbakken Mt. Resort..."

Brand Strategist, Oslo

Hanne Jakhelln

"A stay at Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort is an extraordinary experience of a lifetime ..."

CEO, Bodø

Lene Laxaa

"We enjoyed great food and great experiences, including dog sledding in stunning scenery, it was magical ..."

Manager, Fauske

Sjur Røthe

"An incredibly nice place that provides a calm that is completely unique. I would very much like to return ..."

World Champion, Norway