Review – Hanne Jakhelln

Foto: Rune Nilsen
Foto: Rune Nilsen

CEO, Norwegian Aviation Museum, Bodø

A stay at Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort is an extraordinary experience. The surroundings of the old mining community at Jakobsbakken invite a deeper understanding of Sulitjelma's history and natural resources. Erik, Mona and Thor Åge meet you with extraordinary warmth and openness that provides a safe and good framework for everything from leadership development gatherings to yoga weekend.

The apartments are ideally suited for the corporate community, where you can either cook yourself or unleash Mona in the kitchen. The last thing you will not regret. The love of local ingredients, traditions, and a good atmosphere are absolutely present. The surrounding nature offers opportunities to enhance the experience either with historical hiking or other activities for all seasons in spectacular scenery.

I recommend Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort to both a place for leadership development or other gatherings. I can´t imagine a better Hide-Away where you get filled with energy.