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Northern Lights in Bodø and Salten

Northern Lights in Bodø and Salten is stunning! The best place to see the Aurora Borealis in Bodø and Salten, Northern Norway, is Jakobsbakken.

After talking with tour operators from countries such as India, Switzerland, and the USA, having visitors from foreign TV-channels and having one of the greatest winter athletics of all time at our Mountain Resort, I am absolutely sure of one thing. Jakobsbakken and the mountains of Sulis is a paradise for quality tourism, whether you are a family from Bodø or a tourist from India.

Northern Lights in Bodø and Salten

When I was in Ålesund at Norwegian Travel Workshop, I had meetings with tour operators from countries such as Switzerland, India, USA, and China. I also had meetings with several incoming tour operators from Norway and Scandinavia. The reaction to almost everyone was, “why haven’t we heard of this place?!»

Idyllic, peaceful and amazing landscape

When I showed pictures and videos from the area around Jakobsbakken most people were sold. They thought it seemed so idyllic and peaceful. Cross-country skiing trails in authentic surroundings that can best be compared to Røros and Svalbard, high mountains that rise high above the surrounding terrain and stunning scenery all year round. In addition, I showed clips of blizzard and snowstorms on Jakobsbakken, magical sunrises, and sunsets in a wide range of colors and of course pictures of the Northern Lights in Bodø and Salten. It’s almost like we who are born and raised here not are aware of how exotic and nice it actually is here.

Photo: Rune Mattsson

The exclusivity of being alone in the mountains 

When you are visiting us at Jakobsbakken we want you to stay here for at least a couple of days, so that you have the opportunity to experience what we have to offer here. We want to offer the same experience to you, whether you´re from Norway or from India, like the one we locals have when we go to our cottage in the mountains of Sulis. The ability to experience weather and lights in every possible variety, the ability to be alone in the mountains and hear the sound of silence, the opportunity to enjoy culinary food and to lower your shoulders. In addition, we want to give you the opportunity to try out experiences that you´ll remember, experiences that you have on your “bucket list».

It can be trying;

Not something for everybody, but everything for somebody

If you want to succeed with something, you cannot try to be something for everyone. That’s why I told the tour operators that I had meetings with, who ran bus activities and who drove around to experience things – that our destination isn’t something for you. We want to be everything for those who visit us. We want to give you a feeling that you´ll remember and which you tell your friends about. Visiting Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort should not be that you tell friends how nice the cross country skiing trails were, even though it is a very important thing for us. We want you to tell about the whole experience. The food, the hospitality, nature, the view that unwinds you when you get up in the morning, the apartments – in addition to how nice the cross country skiing trails were or how exciting it was to drive a dog sled.

Therefore, we want you to stay for several days and not just come on a lightning visit. The mountains of Sulis and Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort are way too nice and exclusive for you to enjoy what we have to offer here in just a few hours.

Photo: Svein Spjelkavik/God Strek

You must have been here to understand what I mean.

Just ask Travel XP, Norway’s national cross country skiing team, Bjørn Dæhlie or Metro TV to name a few…