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Luxury Small and Big Game hunting

The mountain areas in Sulitjelma are perfect for Luxury Small and Big Game hunting in Norway. The mountains and the area into Laponia are known as Europe’s last great wilderness. Here you will find one of the largest unspoiled wilderness areas in the Nordic countries. An eldorado for grouse and moose hunting. Here you can walk right out the door and into beautiful scenery. You can walk for hours without meeting a single person. 

Right outside our lodge on Jakobsbakken, we have a helicopter landing-place. From here we can take you across the border to Sweden for Luxury Small and Big Game hunting in magnificent scenery and completely deserted wilderness.

Luxury Small and Big Game hunting in Sulitjelma

In collaboration with Statsskog, we also have the opportunity to take you on moose hunting. Here we can go hunting in the mountains and hunt for the king of the forest – the moose!

We at Fjellfarer are happy to tailor your stay for you and your hunting team. Here you can get lovely food, high-class accommodation and a guide to take you to the best hunting grounds.

The largest remaining wilderness area in the Nordic region

In Junkerdal National Park, which is a few hundred meters above Jakobsbakken, there is a very varied landscape. North of the national park you will find an open landscape with small, and large lakes. In the western areas, the mountain landscape is secluded with several smaller valleys where the water flows in the direction of Saltdal or towards the fjord. In the south, the landscape has a considerable inland character, with elongated valleys between majestic mountains. The central areas are wide and open with the large Balvatnet in the middle. North Saulo is the most upright, marked and majestic and is the most distinctive mountain in the area. Together with adjacent mountain areas in Norway and Sweden, Junkerdal National Park is one of the Nordic region’s largest remaining wilderness areas.

When Bjørn Dæhlie competed at Kobberløpet this winter, he told the local newspaper that to go hunting and fishing inland here must be stunning.