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Hunting lodge in Northern Norway

Hunting lodge in Northern Norway and the most attractive hunting area? Here at Jakobsbakken in Sulitjelma you can spend the night at high standard Resort and hunt under the northern lights in Europe’s last great wilderness.

Photo: Tom Roger Olsen

Hunting lodge in Northern Norway is becoming more and more popular. Exercise, mountain hikes, summit trips, and hunting are some of the most popular activities among young adults. They almost compete for the finest hiking and hunting pictures on social media. Here at Jakobsbakken is one of our major focus areas in the autumn hunting and fishing experiences. The reason is simple. We have Europe’s last great wilderness right outside our door. One of Norway’s most attractive and well-known hunting areas. Northern lights dancing in the night sky from the beginning of September. Simply an Eldorado for those competing for the best hunting experiences.

Here we can tailor exactly what you and your group of friends want. We can fly by helicopter straight out into the wilderness from our lodge, you can have a private chef preparing the food or you can be alone in the lodge and walk right out the door and into the magnificent hunting grounds. Wherever you go, you have unspoiled nature, beautiful scenery and fishing lakes nearby. In addition, the sunrises, sunsets and northern lights of the night sky create a magical light in the sky. Perfect for taking this year’s hunting picture to Instagram.

Photo: Tom Roger Olsen

Do you want to come to the mountains of Sulis on a hunting trip with your hunting team or group of friends? From Oslo it takes about three hours, then you are at Jakobsbakken. You fly to Bodø and drive 1.5 hours in the direction of Fauske and on towards the old mining community Sulitjelma at the Swedish border. If you need help arranging your trip, please contact

Welcome to Jakobsbakken!