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Hiking and summit trips in Nordland

Hiking in Northern Norway is spectacular. In Nordland we have many gems to offer. Here you can experience Norway at its most varied and most beautiful! If you want to hike for hours in national parks and world heritage sites because of the natural beauty and cultural heritage, then hike to the Sulitjelma mountains.

In Sulitjelma and what is termed “Europe’s last great wilderness” we have many pearls that we want to showcase. Here you can hike in historical places, see the Sami cultural heritage, and experience idyllic glacier lakes. You can also climb majestic mountains and hike in one of Norway’s largest unspoilt wilderness areas.

World Heritage Site due to natural beauty

A fun fact is that in Norway there is only one UNESCO World Heritage Site which is a World Heritage Site due to natural beauty. It is the Fjord landscape in Western Norway with the Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord. The World Heritage Site Laponia, which parts of the Sulitjelma mountains are referred to as part of, is a World Heritage Site both because of its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Here you can read more about the Laponia World Heritage Site.

Photo: Per Ludvig Mosti

There are many marked hiking trails in the Sulisfjellet, and several magical hikes start here. Among other things, the 570 kilometers long Nordland route that runs through the entire Nordland county, and the 800-kilometer long Nordkalott route that runs through the Arctic areas of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. You can also connect on the Kungsleden starting with Sulitjelma. All of these routes enter the Laponia World Heritage Site.

The glacier lake at Sulitjelma glacier

Hike through magnificent scenery to the idyllic green-turquoise glacier lake at Sulitjelma glacier.

Photo: Per Ludvig Mosti

The tour starts at Ny-Sulitjelma mountain lodge, approx. 10 minutes drive up the road from Sulitjelma Church. The route then follows the road up the old Gudrun minefield. On the road there is a lot of history to see along the way. Follow the trails towards Lomivannet approx. 1 km and then aim for Vardetoppen. Aim for the valley between Stortoppen and Otertinden and follow this towards Sulitjelma glacier. At the Sulitjelma glacier you will meet an idyllic green-turquoise letterman among the majestic Sulitjelma massif. Here you can read more about mountain hiking in Europe’s last great wilderness.