Weekend Adventure

Mountain hiking and cave tour
In the summer and autumn, you have the opportunity to experience Norway’s highest border mountain North-Saulo and Scandinavia’s largest cave, Svarthammarhola during the same weekend.

Mountain hiking, cave tour, dinner, and accommodation!

We have organized two weekends where we arrange “Weekend Adventure” starting from Jakobsbakken.

We start on Saturday with a trip to Svarthammarhola which is on the road down tup to Sulitjelma. We´ll stop by Grønlifjell tunnel and goes up to the entrance of the cave. This takes about 1 hour. The tour in the cave will take about 4-5 hours. After the trip, there is a shared dinner, pleasant company, and accommodation in “Messa” at Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort. The dinner is included in the price. Those who wish can join to prepare the dinner or one can relax and enjoy magnificent views towards the Sulis Mountains.

Sunday morning will start with breakfast, and a cup of coffee together before we start with a top trip to Nord-Saulo.

Package list for this tour is sent out separately after registration.

Each of the 2 apartments in “Messa” consists of three bedrooms with a total of 8 beds. Altogether 16 beds indoors. In addition, we arrange accommodation for 2 people in our lavvo.

You have to be intent on sharing rooms with others, possibly taking with your boyfriend or friends and share rooms with them.

The accommodation opportunities are as follows

Room 1: 2 beds (two single beds / one Queen size bed)

Room 2: 4 beds (two single beds / one Queen size bed + one family bunk bed)

Room 3: 2 beds (one family bunk bed)

Accommodation in lavvo: 2 beds (two single beds / one Queen size bed of high standard)

Here the “first come, first served” principle applies when booking a room or a lavvo.

Price: 1950 NOK per person


Mountain hiking and cave tour, accommodation, dinner, breakfast, and guide as well as host in Messa.

Weekends are as follows:

17.-18. August

Svarthammarhola Saturday and North Saulo Sunday

24.-25. August

Svarthammarhola Saturday and North Saulo Sunday


  • Price per person: 1950 NOK
  • Starting price: NOK
  • Duration: Saturday-sunday

Book experience

Booking: mail to erik@fjellfarer.no