Summit trip to Suliskongen (1908 masl)

Norway's highest mountain over the Arctic Circle
Summit trip to Suliskongen (1908 masl), Norway's highest mountain over the Arctic Circle, where we cross one of Norway's largest glaciers. Spectacular view from the highest mountain in Bodø and Salten.

Summit trip to Suliskongen, Norway’s highest mountain over the Arctic Circle, where we cross one of Norway’s largest glaciers.

Suliskongen is Norway’s highest mountain north of the Arctic Circle. Roundtrip from the tourism association cabin Ny-Sulitjelma required 8-9 hours of skiing. On the trip two glaciers and the large, flat Sulitjelmabreen has to be crossed. These glaciers are among Scandinavia’s largest glaciers.


From Ny-Sulitjelma the summit trip to Suliskongen goes up into the mountain in the direction of the Sulitjelma glacier. At the Sulitjelma glacier, the landscape opens up and you continue from the glacier fall to the foot of the “king”. From the glacier to the foot it is about 3 km and then there remains just over 500 meters up to the top.


The trip to Suliskongen is a spectacular trip to bring randone skiing in the spring. At the top you can see large parts of Salten and the three major Swedish national parks Stora Sjøfallet, Padjelanta and Sarek – part of the Laponia World Heritage Site. 


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