Midnight sun and Sami culture

Experience the unique midnight sun and join the tour to a traditional Sami "gamme" near Junkerdal National Park

Do you want to experience one of the largest untouched wilderness areas we have in Norway? In Junkerdal National Park there are many ancient memories of the Sami reindeer herding that have been here since the 16th century. The landscape has a very rich flora with many rare plant species. The whole area has been very important for understanding the establishment and distribution of plants and animals after the last ice age in Northern Norway.

Above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway, the midnight sun creates a magical summer atmosphere. A red-yellow light covers the landscape at night time as if the sky was decorated with powerful yellow, red and orange brush strokes. In Sulitjelma there are opportunities to experience this beautiful natural phenomenon from the beginning of June to mid-July. 

We take you on a 2-hour walk in the beautiful scenery, where we go to a traditional Sami gamme that is close to the national park. A gamme is an ancient, simple form of a hut. It has wooden structures that are covered with soil and/or peat. Gammer has been used ever since the first people came here and far up in historical times.

Experience a magical trip in untouched nature, where we can walk for hours without meeting a single person. You will get close proximity to nature in the Arctic mountains and perhaps the opportunity to see the wildlife with reindeer, grouse, and fox close up. We serve traditional Sami food, as well as coffee by the gamme.

  • Price per person: 1100 NOK
  • Starting price: 4000 NOK
  • Duration: 5 hours

Midnight sun and Sami culture

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