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Exclusive hunting and fishing in Norway

Exclusive hunting and fishing in Sulitjelma in Nordland. Here you´ll find Northern Norway’s most famous hunting and fishing terrain. Join Small and Big Game hunting under the Northern Lights. In Sulitjelma in Nordland, you will find one of the largest pristine wilderness areas in the Nordic countries and a grouse hunting and trout fishing paradise.

The autumn in Northern Norway is a magical time. Especially for those who love mountain hiking, hunting and fishing. The sunsets are bloody red, the forest turns into a spectacular costume and the Northern Lights are dancing on the night sky. In the mountain peaks, the fresh snowfalls and the terrain, there is hardly a single mosquito. Hiking in the mountains is the ultimate recreation from a stressful everyday life. The silence, the clean air and also have good opportunities to catch trout and shoot grouse is pure luxury.

Photo: Per Ludvig Mosti

Exclusive hunting and fishing experiences

Hunting, fishing and awesome nature experiences are becoming more and more popular. In the past, it was golf, Rolex and sports cars that characterized the elite of society. Now they compete for the best hunting trips, at the best hunting areas, and about the best equipment. Jakobsbakken is a perfect starting point to start your hunting or fishing trip. Here you start the trip above the forest border and you can hike for several miles in mighty nature. Here there is easy access to many rich fishing lakes and a large bird population. Of rich fishing waters within a couple of hours walk of Jakobsbakken the following lakes can be mentioned:

  • Villumsvatn
  • Skourtavatn
  • The bird water
  • Sølbekk
  • Large and small Såkivatn
  • Rosna

Several of these lakes are so large that boats should be used. If you want to use a boat, we can help arrange it through our partner Sulitjelma Jeger og Fisk.

The largest remaining wilderness area in the Nordic region

In Junkerdal National Park, which is a few hundred meters above Jakobsbakken, there is a very varied landscape. North of the national park you will find an open landscape with small, and large lakes. In the western areas, the mountain landscape is secluded with several smaller valleys where the water flows in the direction of Saltdal or towards the fjord. In the south, the landscape has a considerable inland character, with elongated valleys between majestic mountains. The central areas are wide and open with the large Balvatnet in the middle. North Saulo is the most upright, marked and majestic and is the most distinctive mountain in the area. Together with adjacent mountain areas in Norway and Sweden, Junkerdal National Park is one of the Nordic region’s largest remaining wilderness areas.

When Bjørn Dæhlie competed at Kobberløpet this winter, he told the local newspaper that to go hunting and fishing inland here must be stunning.

Bjørn Dæhlie about Sulitjelma

Accommodation in one of Northern Norway’s best lodges

At Jakobsbakken you can enjoy spacious apartments. We tailor your stay to your requirements and with us, you will get a close relationship and close follow-up from guides and owners.

Here you will find:
• Two apartments of 100 sqm
• Each apartment has three bedrooms, eight beds, bathroom, living room, and a spacious kitchen
• Waxing room for skis, wardrobe with shower, gym and sauna area in the basement –
available for both apartments
• We guarantee that you always get the whole apartment for yourself

Messa is much more than just apartments for rent. What is exceptional in that the facade is the same as it was when the miners earned a living here in the 20th century. On the inside, it is an exclusive material choice and high-class design. This allows you to get close to the historical whispers of Jakobsbakken while providing a modern, high-quality apartment.

Would you like to see what it looks like in Messa? Take a look at our youtube channel. That’s where Erik takes you on a House Tour.

Come with Erik on a House Tour

Photo: Svein Spjelkavik

Exclusive Hunting and fishing license in Sulitjelma

When hunting or fishing in Sulitjelma, a pre-approved card is required. At you can easily buy weekly cards for both hunting and fishing. If you want, we can arrange this until you arrive.

We at Fjellfarer are happy to tailor your stay for you and your hunting team. Here you can get delicious food, high-class accommodation and a guide to take you to the best hunting grounds.