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Cross country skiing in Sulitjelma

Cross country skiing in Sulitjelma is becoming more and more popular. Norway´s national cross-country skiing team started their historical season at Jakobsbakken.

Cross country skiing in Sulitjelma

This winter, the men’s national cross-country skiing team won all the gold medals at the Ski World Championships in Seefeld. It makes them the best national team of all time, regardless of nationality. When the job is to be done towards the Olympics in Beijing in 2022, it starts every year with a start-up gathering here at Jakobsbakken in Sulitjelma. 

A hidden pearl in Northern Norway

Photo: Bjørn Ruben Johansen/Drone Bjørn

Whether you are the world’s best cross-country skier or a Chinese tourist, our goal is to create memories that you remember. If you are going to have a good time when traveling away, then you dependent on having all the basic needs covered. The better they are covered, the better conditions you have to enjoy your vacation.

When the world’s best cross-country skiers come to Jakobsbakken they get to stay in one of Northern Norway’s best accommodations. They are served culinary experiences and they get good and near hospitality from the owners. All this they get served in authentic surroundings from the old mining town. Surrounded by a magnificent view and beautiful scenery.

Personal hospitality

Photo: Svein Spjelkavik

No matter who visits us, we will provide near and personal hospitality. We want our guests to have a feeling of being welcomed. As welcomed as they would have been if they were guests at our own home. We sit down, have a cup of coffee and chat with our guests so that they get to know us and us with them. The Northern Norwegian hospitality is something that lies in the spinal cord of the people here in the north. It is something that is particularly important when working on creating memorable experiences for others.

When the national team is our guests, we are present with several people. We cook, serve, clean, and prepare trails. We simply make things as good as we can to ensure that they are happy and enjoying their time. Just the same as we do when the Chinese tourist is our guest.

Silence and tranquility

One of the things that the national team appreciates most when they are at Jakobsbakken, is that they get the opportunity to be alone. The tranquility here in the mountains gives them the opportunity to exercise for themselves. Focusing on the tasks they have when they are at the gathering. They can put on the skis on the stairs, and walk for hours in newly groomed skiing trails. Without meeting a single person.

Just that value, with the silence and tranquility of the mountains of Sulitjelma, is something we want to show to everyone who visits us. Clean air and silence is the mantra of Fjellfarer. That´s what Mona said she should showcase to the world when she started the business. And it´s becoming more and more attractive to tourists. It is about being able to enjoy nature at its best without there being so many others around you. That gives an amazing feeling.

Optimal conditions

The national team’s own Martin Johnsrud Sundby has been one of the world’s best skiers in the last decade. He describes the skiing trails in the mountains of Sulitjelma as World Cup standard. Our trail drivers have over time accumulated solid knowledge and skills on how to prepare skiing trails with quality. Add an insanely solid work effort and countless hours in the grooming machine. Then the trails become one of the best in  Northern Norway.

The trail itself is varied and starts with walking through the old mining town on Jakobsbakken. With amazing views towards the peaks of Sulitjelma. The trail then goes into the Junkerdal National Park, along idyllic rivers and magnificent scenery. Altogether, you can actually walk at least 30 km without going in the same trail.

Choose to visit again

As a travel destination, the best reputation one can get is that the guests choose to return. When guests choose to return, it´s likely that they also choose to recommend us to their friends. We at Fjellfarer are both proud and humble that the world’s best cross-country athletes choose to come back to us. They are a great team, with good cohesion and who spread a lot of joy and well-being when they are visiting.

We hope that as a host for your start-up collection, we can help you to get a good start in the season. So that it will be filled with as many cheers as the previous one!