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Business trip to Bodø and Salten

Business trip to Bodø and Salten is something unique! Helicopter, dog sledding, Northern Lights, culinary food and stunning nature. Combine business, travel and unique experiences in Sulitjelma. 

Business trip to Bodø and Salten – An event in the autumn 

Are you planning to arrange a meeting with teambuilding to Bodø or Salten after the holidays? At Jakobsbakken in Sulitjelma, we have many good activities to offer you, starting from an authentic mining town in the Arctic mountains.

Autumn is a time when many companies organize start-up collections, new employee events or kick off-trip for their employees. Only three hours from the vibrant life at Aker Brygge, there is one

old mining town with one of the largest untouched wilderness areas we have in Norway.

The autumn is perhaps the most magical time in Sulitjelma. It’s clear and nice in the air, the northern lights are coming back and the sunset is magnificent. In addition, there is an eldorado for hunting and fishing in the fall, with several hundred fishing lakes and large grouse stock in the Junkerdal National Park.

Photo: Tom Roger Olsen

Business inquiries

When we get inquiries from companies about if we can arrange their event at

Jakobsbakken, they often have questions about how it will be with food, drinks, what activities we can offer and how the accommodation is. In this article, I will show you an example of how we can tailor made for businesses.


We have two apartments with a total of 16 accommodation places (eight in each apartment). The rooms and how the apartments look you can see here:

House Tour At Jakobsbakken

We have the opportunity to connect computer and mac to TV around the dining table. Here is the opportunity to sit approx. 12 people

If you are going to stay two nights or more, we have a 20% discount on your entire stay.

Photo: Svein Spjelkavik


We can serve you throughout your stay with breakfast, lunch, and dinner – as well as fruit and snacks during your stay.

For breakfast, there is normal Norwegian food. With bread, salmon, eggs, bacon, etc.

For lunch, there is lasagna, soups, etc.

For dinner, there is a three-course menu. Here we often use salmon and reindeer, prepared together with local food. If you have any wishes for food, then it’s just to order it in advance, and we will arrange it. We sell beer, drinks, and wine to the food.

Photo: Svein Spjelkavik

Team building activities

Here it depends on how much time you have for activities, and we can also tailor other activities if you wish. We have many opportunities at Jakobsbakken, it’s just what you want to do. 

  • 5-match: Here we arrange a competition with teams where we have different Farmen- and «71-Grader nord» inspired exercises.
  • Shooting. Here you get to shoot 25 shots each per round. You can shoot more if you want to.
  • Historical walk on Jakobsbakken
  • Top trip to Saulo (takes 9-10 hours)
  • Dog sledding with wheels
  • Outdoor Yoga
Photo: CompEdge

Yoga, shooting and historical walk have been our most popular activities until now. If you want to go together with your company to Jakobsbakken, then just contact Erik or Mona.

Welcome to Jakobsbakken!