Business trip to Bodø and Salten?

Are you planning to arrange a meeting with teambuilding to Bodø or Salten after the holidays? At Jakobsbakken in Sulitjelma, we have many good activities to offer you, starting from an authentic mining town in the Arctic mountains.

Summit trip to Nord-Saulo and unique accommodation at Jakobsbakken

Mountain hiking, cave tour, dinner, and accommodation! In the summer and autumn, you have the opportunity to experience Norway's highest border mountain North-Saulo and Scandinavia's largest cave, Svarthammarhola during the same weekend. In addition, you´ll get accommodation at one of Northern Norway's best Resorts for ONLY 1950 NOK!

Jakobsbakken in Sulitjelma is just like a dream!

When we are building a world-class travel destination, customer stories and word of mouth are our most important weapons. Here we’ll share three customer stories with you that makes us both proud, humble and who gives us a massive motivation to keep going!

Accommodation in Sulitjelma

Are you looking for an overview of the possibilities for accommodation when visiting Sulitjelma? There are several opportunities to wake up well in Sulis, and here you´ll get an overview of the accommodation opportunities that we have here in the old mining town.

Jakobsbakken, an undiscovered pearl in Northern Norway

After talking with tour operators from countries such as India, Switzerland, and the USA, having visitors from foreign TV-channels and having one of the greatest winter athletics of all time at our Mountain Resort, I am absolutely sure of one thing. Jakobsbakken and the mountains of Sulis is a paradise for quality tourism, whether you are a family from Bodø or a tourist from India.

Spectacular mountain hiking – both winter and summer

In the mountains of Sulis, the area around Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort, there are unique opportunities for mountain hiking and extreme summit trips, both summer, and winter. Here you will find several of Northern Norway's highest mountains, Norway's highest border mountain, some of Scandinavia's largest glaciers and panoramic views of the whole of Salten and several national parks.

The story of one of the great legends

He started his work at Jakobsbakken already as a 14-year-old, worked as a miner, has been a guest at King Olav and has three national trophies. This is the story of the legend Sverre Salamonsen.

High flying legends over Jakobsbakken

At the beginning of the 20th century there was a very active sports environment on Jakobsbakken. The three mining areas Jakobsbakken, Sagmo and Anna had their own sports clubs and it was at the mostly nine ski jumping hills here (!)