The story of one of the great legends

He started his work at Jakobsbakken already as a 14-year-old, worked as a miner, has been a guest at King Olav and has three national trophies. This is the story of the legend Sverre Salamonsen.

High flying legends over Jakobsbakken

At the beginning of the 20th century there was a very active sports environment on Jakobsbakken. The three mining areas Jakobsbakken, Sagmo and Anna had their own sports clubs and it was at the mostly nine ski jumping hills here (!)

Norway’s best cross-country skiing trail?

In the mountains of Sulis, it is both beautiful sceneries, miles of skiing trails and according to Martin Johnsrud Sundby conditions that match what the national team meets in the World Cup.

Why company blog?

On the blog, we will share articles on topics related to the experiences we provide at Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort with you.