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Best hikes in Norway

The best hikes in Norway do you find in Sulitjelma and Laponia World Heritage Area. Jakobsbakken in Sulitjelma is a cultural-historical gem in Salten in Northern Norway. Here you will find remains from both mining and the Sami cultural heritage in the immediate vicinity. Here you can read about two historical hikes from Jakobsbakken.


Length: 10 km round trip

Time use: about 3 hours round trip

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation: about 600 meters above sea level

The hike takes you through beautiful terrain under the Anna snowdrift heading east towards Tjorvi. After about 5 km we arrive at the Berit «gamme» which is just before you reach the bridge over the Berit river. There used to be two old «gamme» here, but today there is only one left. The «gamme» was built as a residence for the Sami (c.1920) from Mavas, who traveled down to the “community” in Sulitjelma.

From Jakobsbakken you follow a marked path into Junkerdal National Park and past Anna Mine.

The hike is hilly and offers great views of the Sulitjelma massif, Nord Saulo, and Junkerdal National Park. You also pass many old mining sites, the mine entrance to Anna Mine, and the remains of train rails from Anna Mine to Jakobsbakken. Exciting for both young and old.


Length: 13.5 km round trip

Time use: about 4 hours round trip

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation: From 600 meters above sea level to 130 meters above sea level

One of the best hikes in Norway starts at the parking lot at Jakobsbakken in Sulitjelma. Then you wander through the idyllic mining village of Jakobsbakken, before following a marked path down to Granhei. The tour goes along the old road from Jakobsbakken to Sulitjelma. Along the way you will find several tufts and remains from the mining period. The nature you walk in is also beautiful with views down to Sulitjelma and several places are surrounded by beautiful white-stemmed birch trees and you walk through an ale ‘of trees over large stretches.

This whole road is the old transport year from Langvatnet and up to the mining facilities when they were built around 1902. This was the main road to Jakobsbakken until a new road came in 1938.