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At Jakobsbakken we want everything that we do to be of high quality. That is why we during the first night of your stay have included a mandatory final cleaning so that everyone who comes to us is met with a perfectly cleaned apartment. After the first night of the stay, you will receive 20% of the total stay, which corresponds to paying 5592 NOK / night.

Ready-made beds, towels, slippers, and delicious bathrobes are ready for you when you arrive at our resort. Everything for you to have a comfortable stay with us. Our host is never far away and will be on short notice if you have questions or need assistance.

Your safety is our highest priority.

We take infection protection with the utmost seriousness and do our utmost to ensure that it will be safe to stay with us and visit us. At Jakobsbakken we follow the authorities’ recommendations for infection control against Covid-19.

For you as a guest, this means that we:
* Practices good hand hygiene with frequent hand washing and hand spray.
* Clean and disinfect every apartment between each rental
* Wash and disinfect other surfaces that many people frequently touch in the apartments and contact surfaces that are often touched.
* Keep at least 1-meter distance to each other.
* Informs you about infection prevention measures orally and through information posters and labeling in the hallway upon arrival.
* Keep us at home if we feel sick.
* Hand spirit available in each apartment

Feel like home. Welcome to us!

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