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Accommodation in Sulitjelma

Accommodation in Sulitjelma is popular in Salten. Stay at Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort, Sulitjelma Fjellandsby, Sulitjelma Turistsenter or tourist cabins.

Accommodation in Sulitjelma

When you are in the mountains of Sulis, you often sleep better than you do at home. After a day of plenty of fresh air, lovely food, well-being with friends and good experiences, it is lovely to find calm. It is wonderful to wake up by yourself in a comfy bed with a stunning view, rested and ready for a new and exciting day. There are several opportunities to wake up well in Sulis, and here you get an overview of the accommodation in Sulitjelma offers we have here in the old mining town.

Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort

At Jakobsbakken you can enjoy spacious apartments and you will experience the Norwegian nature at its best. We tailor our stay according to your wishes and with us, you will get a close relationship and close follow-up from guides and owners.

Exclusive accommodation in Sulitjelma

  • Two apartments of 100 sqm
  • Each apartment has three bedrooms, eight beds, bathroom, living room, and a spacious kitchen
  • Lubrication room for skis, cloakroom with shower, fitness room and sauna available in the basement – available for both apartments
  • We guarantee that you will always get the whole apartment for yourself

Modern apartment with high quality

The Resort is much more than just apartments that can be rented for accommodation. What is exceptional about the Resort is that the facade is exactly the same as it was when the miners earned the bread of life here in the 20th century. Inside are the exclusive material selection and design of the high class. This means that you get close proximity to the historic rush of Jakobsbakken, while you get a modern high-quality apartment.

read more about the history of Jakobsbakken here

Sulitjelma Fjellandsby

Sulitjelma Fjellandsby is located in Daja in Sulitjelma and has an alpine hill, café building and three types of apartments for rent. Sulitjelma Fjellandsby has an alpine slope of 800 meters with 7 paths and terrain park that suits all levels

Apartments near the Alpine downhill

All apartments have internet, cable TV, underfloor heating and bathroom. There is access to the balcony from the living room and outside there is a storage room. All apartments have all kitchen utensils and duvets/pillows for 7/12/15 people. The 3 bedroom apartments have 1 bathroom, apartment 2 and 3 have 2 bathrooms with shower and bath.

  • Apartment 1 with 3 bedrooms and a total of 7 beds
  • Apartment 2 with 5 bedrooms and a total of 12 beds
  • Apartment 3 with 6 bedrooms and a total of 15 beds


Sulitjelma Turistsenter

If you want to try the cottage life in Sulis, close to nature and the alpine center, and with the possibility of snowmobile driving and ski trails almost from the cabin door, it is a good idea to rent a cottage at Sulitjelma Turistsenter.

Cottage in Sulis

The tourist center has 10 cabins

  • veranda
  • living room with mini kitchen
  • drying cabinet
  • shower / WC
  • 2 bedrooms with a total of 4 beds.
  • In addition, all the cabins have a sofa bed in the living room.
  • The cabins are equipped for 6 people. In addition, the Tourist Center also has a small cozy cottage for two people.
  • Shower and do in the service building

Apartment in the Sulis mountains

You can also rent our cozy apartment. It has a bedroom with three beds and an extra bed in the hallway. Bathroom with bath and shower, and wood burning for the right cozy evenings.

The apartment is perfect for 4, but extra mattresses can be laid out on the bedroom floor.

Tent pitches and overnight spaces for motorhomes in Sulitjelma

We also have tent sites with a view of the water, and sleeping places for caravan and motorhome. Both with and without electricity.


Jakobsbakken Fjellsenter

The mountain center has many apartments and rooms for rent. This is governed by the Norwegian Lutheran Missionary Association (NLMA), Region North. They arrange camps for all ages at Jakobsbakken. NLM took over this former mining community in 1970.

If you want to rent accommodation at Jakobsbakken Fjellsenter you can contact the Missionary here:

Sulitjelma Tourist Association

Sulitjelma Tourist Association(SOT) cover the municipalities of Fauske and Sørfold. SOT has a total of ten cabins in seven places in the Sulitjelm mountains. These are available to members and others. In addition, the SOT has marked a larger number of km of hiking trails in the area.

Overview of Tourist Association’s cabins in Sulitjelma

All the cabins are free to access and located in different places in the Sulitjelma mountains.

Sorjus (16 beds)
Ny-Sulitjelma Mountain Lodge (26 beds)
Muorki (8 beds)
Lomi (5 beds)
Tjalalves (25 beds)
Tjoarvi (10 beds)
Balvass cabin (4 beds)

Equipment at the Tourist Cabins

All SOT cabins are equipped with the following:

  • Blankets and pillows. Bed sheet or sleeping bag must be used.
  • Gas for cooking. New Sulitjelma mountain lodge has an electric stove
  • Firewood for heating. New Sulitjelma mountain lodge has electric heaters
  • Solar panel for lighting
  • Kitchenware
  • DNT’s standard cab key. Key can be ordered from DNT or at BOT in Bodø.


Sulitjelma Hunting and Fishing Association

SJFF offers holiday rentals, boat rentals, clay pigeon shooting, and many nice activities in beautiful nature.

Sulitjelma has a very nice nature as well as good hunting opportunities. We also have a lot of fishing lakes in the mountains, as well as a short distance to the tourist trails towards Sweden.

Cabins and Boathouse

Sulitjelma Hunting and Fishing Association has the following possibilities for accommodation: