Get to know Fjellfarer

Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort is run by Fjellfarer. Fjellfarer is a travel company founded in 2015 by Mona Mosti and Thor Åge Jensen.

Fjellfarer is a company with local belonging and ownership. All employees are located in Sulitjelma, which means that you will get a close relation and a close follow-up from guides and owners.

Our story

Jakobsbakken was from the beginning a Sami area, but from 1896 it started with active mining here. Until 1968, when the mining operation was shut down, Jakobsbakken was the place in Sulitjelma where it was mined most copper and ore. Since then, the mining town has almost fallen asleep. Now it's our job to make the magnificent surroundings shine for the world again.

Our vision

Whether you are a tourist from China, a 7th-grade student going on a camp school or the world's best cross-country skier, our mission is to create memories that you'll remember.

We will also rebuild several of the barracks that stood here when there was active mining in the early 1900s, to modern mountain lodges.

Check out our YouTube channel

On the Youtube channel you will find our video series, where we take you into meetings and show how we work to build a new travel destination on Jakobsbakken. In addition, you will find commercials and much, much more.

Our team

Jakobsbakken Mountain Resort is a family run destination and consists of this team!

Erik i Messa

Erik Jensen Liland


Mona Mosti

Thor Åge

Thor Åge Jensen